DuPont unveils new range of cultures for fermented plant-based products

USA – DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has introduced new range of cultures specially designed for fermented plant-based products. The new DuPont Danisco VEGE cultures are an addition to Danisco brand which delivers food and beverage […]

DuPont completes construction of state-of-the-art probiotics facility in the US

USA – DuPont has announced that it has completed construction of a new state-of-the-art probiotics’ fermentation facility in the US to expand its capacity in probiotics production. Located at DuPont Rochester, New York facility, DuPont […]

DuPont’s clinical study shows more health benefits from higher doses of multi-strain probiotics

USA – DuPont, the world’s leading science-based products and services company has released clinical study results demonstrating benefits of high-potency, multi-strain probiotic formulations. The study suggests that higher doses of a DuPont Multispecies Probiotic Formulation […]

DuPont launches poultry feed supplement Syncra® AVI in Asia Pacific

ASIA – DuPont Animal Nutrition has launched DuPont™ Syncra® AVI, a feed supplement designed to maximize nutrient digestibility in poultry production in Asia Pacific region. Syncra® AVI is a combination of two proven technologies, enzymes […]

DuPont expands plant-based range with new pea and soy protein nuggets

USA – The global ingredients and food provider, DuPont has launched new plant-based protein nuggets, expanding the DuPont™ Danisco® range featuring protein and healthy snacking. The company has unveiled six new plant protein nuggets featuring […]

DuPont to construct neW Industrial Biosciences headquarters in the Netherlands

NETHERLANDS – The world’s leading bioscience company, DuPont has unveiled plans for new European headquarters for Industrial Biosciences in the Netherlands to expand its research and innovation capabilities. The elaborate facility is located at its […]

DuPont launches new ascorbic acid alternative for the baking industry

CHINA – DuPont, an American conglomerate, is the first company that has launched a new ascorbic acid alternative, Hexose Oxidase, for the baking industry. According to the company, the hexose oxidase technology present in the […]

DuPont announces expansion plans for the R&D team with a new clean label hub facility

DENMARK – DuPont Nutrition & Health, a Danish bio-based company, has announced it is expanding its R&D team by creating a “clean label hub” at the Brabrand facility. According to the company, it intends to […]

DuPont develops a naturally sourced monoglyceride emulsifier for improved production

USA – DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed a new, naturally sourced monoglyceride emulsifier that brings food manufacturers improved production and handling efficiencies. Monoglycerides are among the most widely used emulsifiers in the food industry, […]

DuPont to open a new innovation site in Japan to expand production

JAPAN – DuPont Nutrition & Health, an American conglomerate, will open a new innovation site in Japan later this summer to serve customers primarily in the bakery, beverage and dairy industries. Located in the Kanagawa […]