Bakhresa flour mills receives ISO Certification for Azam brands

TANZANIA – Bakhresa Group, the operator of flour mills that manufacture Azam brand of wheat flours has received ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification for its four flour mills. The industrial conglomerate received certifications in […]

Dangote Flour Mills initiates World ‘Puff Puff’ Day

NIGERIA – Dangote Flour Mills, the flour division of Africa’s largest indigenous industrial conglomerate Dangote Group has initiated the World ‘Puff Puff’ Day, aimed at celebrating home bakers and confectioners. Initiated by the President, Dangote […]

Bakhresa Group halts flour exports to Kenya on inapt tax rules

TANZANIA – Bakhresa Group which operates one of the largest flour mill in Tanzania has suspended Kenya flour exports on changing rules and systems for exporting goods into the country. The company said frequent changes […]

IFC invests US$25m in KazFoodProducts food processing group

ASIA – The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group is investing US$25 million in KazFoodProducts LLP food processing group of companies operating in grain milling and confectionary sectors. The investment […]

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