Morocco’s cereal production declines 40.5% to 6.1m tonnes

MOROCCO – Morocco’s cereal production declined by 40.5% during the 2018-2019 crop year to at 6.1 million tonnes, according to a report published by the Moroccan Ministry of Finance. The report cites poor the rainfall […]

Zimbabwe receives US$7m funding for wheat imports to avert bread shortages

ZIMBABWE – Zimbabwe’s grain millers have received US$7 million funding from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to facilitate wheat imports as part of the government’s efforts to avert wheat and bread shortages. Grain Millers […]

Lessafre Zimbabwe ventures into wheat farming to boost local supply

ZIMBABWE – Lessafre Zimbabwe, the sole yeast manufacturer in Zimbabwe, has ventured into wheat farming as part of its efforts to help reduce the import bill which has had an impact to the local milling […]

Zimbabwe’s government unveils wheat production strategy to reduce import bills

ZIMBABWE – The government of Zimbabwe has unveiled plans of engaging more producers in contract wheat farming in a move that seeks to increasing local production aimed at cushioning the country form hefty wheat import […]

Morocco’s cereal production to shrink 19% to 6.1m tonnes

MOROCCO – Morrocco is set to record a decline in major cereals production during the 2018-2019 production season with forecast projecting a 6.1 million tonnes harvest representing a 19% decline from the average production of […]