NIGERIA – Poultry Association of Nigeria, PAN, has said that domestic eggs production has reached 10.3billion eggs per annum.

National President of PAN, Dr. Ayoola Oduntan, disclosed this in Lagos, at a press conference to herald the annual poultry show and summit themed, ”Sustaining the Poultry industry in an economic recession.’’

He said that Nigeria produces 10.3 billion eggs annually, which makes the country the largest producer of eggs in Africa, but that this figure is not enough.

He went on to say that the eradication of imported poultry products in Nigeria will create one million jobs within two years, and bring hundreds of billions into the economy in revenue.

Dr Oduntan, also stated that there is a vast array of employment opportunities lying within the Poultry value value chain, but government and the people must take it seriously to ensure that it is not only sustained but made to grow as agriculture is truly the future of the country.

On the influx of imported poultry products, he stated: “We are dying, but with the support of everyone we can be very successful,” adding that Nigerians spend between N600 billion to N700 billion on smuggled chicken.

The president who did not give the specific period the amount was spent said that government is trying in terms of support for the sector but needs to be quicker with its support, he noted.

In respect to feed production, Oduntan stated: “If feed millers are receiving raw materials, maize, soya at a high cost then it means that the hike in feed price isn’t the making of the manufacturer, then the entire cost of production will go up”.

He however pleaded with the government that as it is encouraging farm production of these raw materials it should ensure satisfaction of the local manufacturers’ usage before exporting.

He also added that the association was concerned that they will get raw materials at a higher cost this year as a result of exportation of these critical raw materials.

And while that seems economically viable for the country in terms of foreign exchange it has a crippling effect on industries like ours that relies on these raw materials.

The Federal Government should ensure more production of these critical raw materials if it must export them so that there is enough for local industries to manufacture.

“This will help re-distribute wealth and create more wealth opportunities for Nigerians as a whole” he said.

Cost of feed is an issue as this affects all aspects of the poultry production including eggs and chicken, he observed.

November 10, 2016;