UK – 2 Sisters Group has announced a commitment to make 90% of all its plastic components in their brands by 2020, enhancing sustainability centred at the environment, people, economic success and sustainable raw material sourcing.

The group is leading the food processing sector by using less and recycling more plastic to reduce plastic waste in their operations.

In addition to commitment to recycling, the company aims to phase out its use of un-recyclable bottles and cups at all of its 36 sites in the UK by the end of 2018, while making re-useable or recyclable cups or mugs accessible by all.

By 2014, they reported that they managed to achieve zero to landfill by over half of its factories, with significant recycling or beneficial use of what was once considered waste.

“We need a culture change to make the biggest difference – both in the way we use plastics for our products and how we use plastics in our everyday lives.

So we’re totally committed to putting in place some stretching targets I know my teams in the business are eager to achieve in the next 20 months,” said Ranjit Singh, President of Boparan Holdings Limited.

“Plastic packaging has played a critical role in reducing food waste and extending shelf life of products, but the environmental impact of this material must be addressed by the whole food system.”

Through its sustainability plan, Feeding Our Future, the group has worked with suppliers, partners and customers on reducing and improving recyclability of plastic packaging.

They are stepping up the program even further across the food chain including production, distribution, retail and consumption of food.

According to 2 Sisters, as part of the 2018 review of their sustainability plan, they’ll follow the waste hierarchy of Prevent, Reuse and Recycle.

This goal would be achieved by an innovative collaboration with retailers and suppliers to develop closed loop solutions to increase packaging recycling while reviewing targets in line with developing technology to move further up the waste hierarchy.