Year: 2014

Delta injects $13m on key ingredients

ZIMBABWE – Leading beverages manufacturer Delta Corporation says it has spent an estimated $13 million financing the production of sorghum and barley, key ingredients required by the firm to sustainably run and support its breweries. 

Agric firms’ earnings soar on higher palm oil prices

NIGERIA – Two major agriculture firms operating in Nigeria’s oil palm sector which are quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) have recorded the strongest growth in six quarters, as second-quarter 2014 earnings spiked on increased price of palm oil at the international market, BusinessDay analysis shows.

Scientists disagree on GMO Bill

UGANDA – Going by the contradicting views from various stakeholders including disagreements among scientists, Parliament will have an uphill task in refining the National Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill to especially safeguard the interests of Uganda against the interests of multinational seed giants like Mosanto.