Roha launches innovative solutions for stains on necks of beverage bottles

INDIA – India-based colors company, Roha, has launched an innovative solution to tackle the issue of neck ringing, the formation of the oily ring like stains on the necks of beverage bottles. According to FoodingredientsFirst, the […]

Nestle’s membership suspended for failure to submit palm oil sustainability report

ASIA – Nestle, a Swiss transnational food and drink company, had its membership of industry watchdog the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) suspended as the Swiss food group when it failed to submit a […]

EFSA gives recommendations on risks posed by pesticides in infant food and drinks

EUROPE – The European Food Safety Authority, the agency of the European Union that provides independent scientific advice and communicates on existing and emerging risks associated with the food chain, has made recommendations to further […]

Spur takes 51% stake in Nikos grill, seeks to expand restaurant portfolio

SOUTH AFRICA – The steakhouse franchise restaurant chain, Spur Corporation has acquired 51% stake in Nikos Coalgrill Greek chain, a brand that the company believes has the potential to expand to about 50 restaurants nationally […]

India to lease out state-owned dairy firm, Delhi Milk Scheme for 30 years

INDIA – The government of India has invited milk cooperatives to run the state-owned dairy firm, Delhi Milk Scheme (DMS) on lease for thirty years after reporting heavy losses since 2010. The proposal to lease […]

Nestle pushes for higher chicken welfare standards in Europe

EUROPE – The Swiss food group, Nestle SA has announced plans to improve the welfare of millions of chickens used for food in Europe through its leading food brands Herta, Buitoni, Wagner and Maggi. Nestle has also made […]

Heineken’s Lagunitas introduces cannabis-infused sparkling water

USA – Heineken’s fully owned subsidiary, Lagunitas Brewing Company has launched cannabis-infused sparkling water line in California, making Heineken the first international brewer to introduce a THC-infused cannabis beverage. The beverage was developed through a […]

New edition of ISO 22000 on food safety management systems released

WORLD – A new edition of ISO 22000 on food safety management systems has been released after reports were made that over two hundred diseases spread through the food chain and therefore, sustainable food production has […]