ADM partners Mayo Clinic in personalised nutrition venture

USA – Archer Daniels Midland Company, ADM, one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, has announced a collaboration agreement with Mayo Clinic to build both companies capacity in the personalised nutrition business.

The company is set to work with Mayo’s Microbiome Program, led by Dr Heidi Nelson to investigate microbial solutions while focusing on maintenance of healthy body weight.

“We are pleased to enter into this cutting-edge collaboration with Mayo Clinic to study the association of specific probiotics, prebiotics, and other nutrients with body weight,” said Vikram Luthar, ADM’s president, Bioactives.

“Personalized nutrition is an important growth platform for ADM. Earlier this year; we acquired Biopolis, a leading player in health-promoting microbial technology.

Now, by working with Mayo Clinic, we are further expanding our capabilities to develop personalized nutrition solutions to improve health and wellness, and bring these beneficial solutions directly to consumers.”

According to Business Wire, the goal for the collaboration was to develop a personalized nutrition model that is capable of predicting effects of probiotics, prebiotics and other metabolites.

ADM and Mayo Clinic focus is to design a computational method for testing probiotics, metabolites and other intervention strategies. These promote growth of gut microbes linked to healthy body weight.

Mayo Clinic also plans to provide data analysis, modelling and gut Microbiome expertise. Additionally, ADM will bring its expertise in food ingredients, strain development and genomics, as well as commercialization capabilities.

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