SWITZERLAND – Dairy company Emmi has unveiled a new range of mousse desserts – Ooola desserts – in response to the on-going trend for sensible indulgence and time-saving convenience products.

According to Emmi, Ooola Secrets are perfectly in line with the healthier health benefits as it’s in 60-gram portion size, with less than 90 calories.

As consumers can control the portions, whether desserts or snacks and therefore improving lifestyle, sensible indulgence is still key, notes the company.

The new desserts are now available in Switzerland in two flavors; chocolate and raspberry mousse with chocolate chips, and chocolate mousse trio with caramel.

Emmi invested ‘several million Swiss francs’ into a new facility to produce a variety of new creations and is confident the ready-to-eat new dessert category.

In a statement, Emmi said, “Ooola Secrets is a product range that stands out from the competition in a number of ways.

The main difference is the 60g portion size. With less than 90 calories, the desserts are perfectly in line with the general trend for a healthier, more balanced diet.

For many consumers, this lifestyle still has room for a degree of sensible indulgence, whether in the form of snacks or as a dessert.”

The statement continued, “As is customary for Emmi, quality and pleasure were the focus when developing the new dessert range.

However, conscious of the fact that we also eat with our eyes, particular attention was paid to the visual presentation of Ooola Secrets.

Emmi excels here thanks to state-of-the-art production technology.”