AB InBev and coffee maker Keurig launch home cocktail machine in the US

USA – Keurig Dr Pepper has partnered with AB InBev to launch Drinkworks Home Bar, a pod-based cocktail-making machine for people who struggle to stir, mix, or shake their own cocktails at home.

The machine is able to prepare cocktails, brews, ciders by calculating the precise amount of water and carbonation needed for each proprietary.

It can make mojitos, Long Island iced teas, daiquiris, cosmos, the stunningly complicated gin and tonic as well as Beck’s beer and Stella Artois cider.

The portfolio features twenty-four different recipes crafted with in-house mixologists and beverage scientists using signature blends of premium spirits and natural flavors, which are precisely measured in each sealed pod.

Two ‘flights’ of beer brand pods are also available; an English collection, featuring brews from Bass, and German beer styles from Becks.

“This joint venture was created with the mission of making the entire drinking experience from purchase, to creation, to enjoyment, more remarkable through innovation,” said Nathaniel Davis, CEO of Drinkworks.

“We started with a clear opportunity: consumers want to serve and enjoy complex cocktails at home, but it’s time-consuming, expensive and messy.

We iterated with users throughout the development process, and we’re confident that the appliance we designed with them solves this perfectly.

Our next step is to launch this unprecedented technology in a limited way.

We’re excited to gather real-world feedback from passionate early adopters to shape the future iterations of our drinkmaker, drinks and expansion plans.”

The development is powered by the leading e-commerce and logistics solution for alcohol brands, Thirstie.

The machines were developed by Drinkworks, design-driven, user-centric beverage innovation company headquartered in Bedford, MA.

Drinkworks was founded based on concepts and technology separately spearheaded ten years ago by Anheuser-Busch and Keurig Dr Pepper.

The first round of Drinkworks machines will be available in St. Louis, Missouri, with California, Florida, and the rest of the United States to follow.

The new machine follows Pernod Richard’s OPN at-home cocktail dispenser, which mixes cocktails and is controlled through an app.

It uses 75cl cartridges filled with varying spirits that are connected intelligently to track levels, measure and mix drinks via an app, and was expected to be rolled out commercially this year.

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