CANADA – AB InBev has said that its American-style pale lager, the Budweiser is brewed using 100% renewable electricity in Canada, a part of the initiative to produce high quality beer while preserving the planet for the future.

Budweiser Canada’s sustainable energy initiatives are supported by Direct Energy, one of North America’s largest retail providers of electricity and natural gas.

Direct Energy helps Budweiser in obtaining ECOLOGO Certified Renewable Energy Certificates, sourced from across Canada from 100% renewable biomass, hydro-electric (water) and wind power sources.

This is part of the global brewer’s goal announced last March to ditch fossil fuels and purchase all of its electricity for brewing from renewable energy sources by 2025.

“Beer is intimately tied to the environment it comes from and brewing our beer relies on a healthy environment,” said Todd Allen, vice president of marketing, Labatt Breweries of Canada.

“Through this initiative, we can make sure that every watt we use to brew Budweiser helps green Canada’s electricity grid and contributes to our long-term business sustainability.”

The company which owns about 35 global brands including Budlight, Stella Artois, Natural Light, Busch, Michelobe Ultra, Schock Top and Goose Island also looks to invest in own-renewable energy sources.

The company said it was installing their own solar panels on their facilities worldwide and power Mexico facility by purchasing 490 gigawatt-hours annually from Iberdrola SA, a Spanish electricity company.

In this year’s Super Bowl, AB InBev aims to reiterate its commitment to renewable energy being featured in its North American advert ‘wind never felt better’.

“We are thrilled to grow our relationship with Budweiser Canada by delivering Renewable Energy Certificates to them in Canada,” said Darin Holst, senior director, Canada, Direct Energy.

“With significant expertise in designing customized renewable energy solutions for our customers, we are confident that the move to environmentally friendly sourcing will deliver on our shared renewable energy goals for Canadians.”

AB InBev said it was switching all its U.S. beer brewing to renewable electricity and launch a new label indicating that Bud is brewed with 100% renewables.

In December, the company said Budweiser beer will be brewed with 100% renewable electricity in the UK through an agreement with solar energy firm Lightsource BP to supply 100 megawatts of solar power.