ISRAEL- AB InBev has bought the Tel Aviv based company WeissBeerger, developer of IoT analytics tools for the beer and beverage industry in a move to improve its research and development capabilities.

AB InBev will access the firm’s analytical tools often used in bars and restaurants including sensors attached to kegs, refrigerators and beer taps which track the consumption of certain products.

WeissBeerger’s range of analytics tools provide insights into consumer preferences and habits and this will allow InBev to effectively keep track of inventory and determine its most popular products.

The tools enhance overall efficiency in production and bars which have used their tools have become much more efficient, increasing revenue from each ‘smart’ beer tap by 32% and reducing wastage by up to 50%, according to WeissBeerger.

“Use of our system combines bar technology with Internet-of-Things and allows items like beer taps to send and receive data via the Internet.

Big data systems gather information about drinking habits in the bar and analyse them with insights about customer behaviour that would surprise even the bartenders that mix the drinks themselves,” said Ori Fingerer, WeissBeerger’s co-founder and vice-president of business development.

“We are excited to join the AB InBev family. AB InBev is a truly global brewer and our partnership with them will enhance our connection with customers/points-of-connections (POCs) and consumers around the world.

Our partnership will allow us to access existing and new markets to grow our technology platform and analytics capabilities to the benefit of POCs and consumers,” added Ori Fingerer.

WeissBeerger’s services will give detail on the quality of products, the inventory situation, consumer habits complementing AB InBev’s commitment to better understand the customer needs and provide them better service.

“We share the same passion and commitment to utilize data and analytics to help bar owners grow their business and better manage their costs as well as provide consumers with breakthrough tech-driven consumption experiences,” concluded Ori Fingerer.