BELGIUM – Belgian multinational drink and brewing company, AB InBev, has leveraged the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the creation of the world’s first beer and full marketing campaign, dubbed Beck’s Autonomous.

In making Beck’s Autonomous one of the “first completely machine-created beers in the world,” AB InBev revealed that the AI technology led all editing and continued development based on its intelligence until a final version was out.

After using AI to create a custom logo for the beer, designing its container, and assigning it a name, the team at AB InBev noted that it also used AI to prepare all the assets for its advertising campaigns, such as generating imagery and a revolving 360 video of the newly developed container.

The world’s largest brewer said it used ChatGPT and Midjourney to design the beer, branding, and marketing. The launch was concurrent with Beck’s beer brand’s 150th-anniversary celebration.

Beck’s marketing director, Laura Salway, commented: “We’ve always been at the cutting edge of innovation in the beer world and we are thrilled to be releasing a limited-edition beer and marketing campaign made.”

Outlining the commercialization plan, Salway said AB InBev will be releasing a trial run of 450 cans of Beck’s Autonomous across three of its key markets, the UK, Germany, and Italy.

She added that it’s just the start of a bigger move in incorporating AI into the company’s business, hinting that there would be more work in this field soon.

“We’re embracing this new technology and harnessing the potential of AI to drive forward innovation and creativity within the beer world. We are looking to the future and planning new ways to engage and excite our customers and create revolutionary beer,” she explained.

AB InBev teams up with Mexican food group Industrias Tajín on new Bud Light brew

The beer giant, in partnership with Mexican chili powder producer Industrias Tajín, has also released a Chelada drink sold under the beer giant’s Bud Light brand.

Traditionally, Chelada is a Mexican beer cocktail made with beer, tomato, salt, lime, and spices.

Marketed using the name Bud Light Chelada Tajín Chile Limón, the drink has been launched in a 739 ml (25 oz.) can at a 4.2% abv.

AB InBev has started a media campaign around the variant, including a TV advert, out-of-home billboards, digital extensions, and the sponsorship of a boxing event in Fresno, California.

In its FY 2022 results, the beer giant’s net profits were up 13 percent in 2022 to reach US$6.4 billion, with annual volume sales growth of 2.3 percent to 595 million hectolitres, up from 581 million in 2021.

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