GHANA – Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), the nation’s premier brewery, emerged winner in the “Beverage Industry of the Year” category at the Association of Ghana Industries 5th Ghana Industry Awards ceremony.

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) was honoured for their outstanding achievements and their immense contribution to the development of Ghana’s economy.

This year’s event has seven award categories and 21 sector awards and the sector awards included: Beverage, Automobile Sector Awards, Agribusiness, Electricals and Electronics, Oil and Gas, and Pharmaceuticals, among others.

The event was held at the State House, was under the theme: “Growing Local Industry for Export Development and Job Creation”.

It was also used to honour companies that had performed excellently in various sectors of the company.

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) has in recent years seen a complete revamp of its production processes with the completion of a USD 100 million expansion project.

ABL has over the years also introduced innovative beverages and shown commitment to the best practices in its manufacturing processes by placing emphasis on conserving water as well as reducing energy use and waste reduction.

The company has embarked on numerous community support initiatives across the country including campaigns in schools against under-age drinking and in hospitals on the negative effect of alcohol during pregnancy.

Its retailers have also benefited from responsible alcohol retailing programmes and business appreciation skills training.

Additionally, ABL has steadily increased the use of locally grown raw materials over the past ten years and today approximately 50 per cent of its agricultural input is sourced locally.

Madam Adjoba Kyiamah, Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at ABL, expressed delight that ABL’s efforts have been recognised.

“This year marks the 85th anniversary of ABL as a business.  We are proud, as the current crop of employees at ABL, to be building on the legacy of our predecessors. 

It is our ambition that we will carry the mantle placed upon us so successfully that future generations will also come to benefit from ABL.  For the AGI to give us this recognition is an icing on the cake,” she intimated.

Mr James Asare-Adjei, the President of AGI, said the high unemployment rate in the country will reduce if industries experience sustainable growth.

He said such growth was particularly crucial in the private sector as it was the vehicle through which the country could achieve development.

“An estimated 90 per cent of our economically active population is employed by the private sector and it is for this reason that the sector deserves government support to expand,” Mr Asare-Adjei said.

ABL has previously won awards for Best Company in Sustainable Manufacturing Practices and Best Company Employer at the Ghana Industry Awards – GNA

November 11, 2016;