The African Grains, Milling & Feed magazine (originally called Milling & Baking Africa) is Africa’s grains and commodities information resource that is targeted at the grain and commodities trading, processing, packaging and retail industry.

The grains, milling baking and feed industries are some of the most critical to the nutritional and economic well being of Africa’s population. 

With rising populations and increasing urbanization, the demand for processed grains, flour, baked goods and animal feed are on the increase in Africa.

There is therefore need for appropriate technologies and soft skills that are critical in enabling Africa to provide wholesome, nutritious and safe grains, milled products and baked goods to its population; and serve the animal feed industry.

The new African Grains, Milling & Feed magazine is focused on highlighting the trends, opportunities and challenges in Africa’s grains, milling, baking and animal feed industry.

African Grains, Milling & Feed magazine fills a gap that has existed in the industry – a resource that focuses on one of the above growing sectors of the industry.

The magazine covers the following topical issues:

  • News, views and key happenings (investments, people) in the industry in Africa and the World
  • Post-harvest management, storage technologies and practices
  • Processing, formulations and packaging technologies of grains, milled and baked products and animal feed
  • Food and feed safety and quality management
  • Features on people and companies in the industry in Africa
  • Commodity markets, food security and trade updates
  • Trends and opportunities in Africa’s industry
  • Sustainability and systems management

Coverage and distribution

Suppliers of post-harvest, milling, storage and testing equipment; packaging; ingredients and additives; and services to the grains, milling and baking industry now have a specific resource that they can rely on to reach out to Africa’s industry.

The magazine covers technologies and information on grains (maize (corn), wheat, rice, barley, sorghum, teff plus ancient grains) and other commodities including tubers (cassava, yams and potatoes), pulses, coffee and related crops; and animal feed processing, packaging and safety that are of critical importance to Africa’s growing grains based industry.

It also covers the value-addition component of the grains and commodities, including packaged products, flours for human and animal feeding, snacks (extruded and otherwise) and baked goods.

African Grains, Milling & Feed originally appears as an insert in the September/October, January/February and May/June issues of Food Business Africa magazine, before eventually being released as a stand-alone magazine in future.

By appearing as an insert within the Food Business Africa magazine, African Grains, Milling & Feed magazine is distributed as a hard copy to the 16 African countries (from Kenya to Ghana, from Nigeria to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia) where Food Business Africa is currently being distributed, offering wide distribution within the Continent to key decision makers in the industry.

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