SWEDEN – The Absolut Company, a subsidiary of French beverage company Pernod Ricard, has announced plans to make its flagship brand, Aboslut Vodka, fossil free by 2025 as part of new sustainability plans. 

Just 2% of Absolut’s emissions currently relates to its own production, according to Absolut Company’s Sustainability Report (FY 20|21). 

Part of efforts to achieve remove fossil fuel from Absolut Vodka’s value chain include adapting areas such as “transportation and production of glass and wheat”. 

“By being transparent about our responsibilities and the efforts we make, we can maintain our momentum and increase our chances of achieving, and even exceeding, our goals,” said Anna Schreil, vice president of operations at The Absolut Company. 

In addition to enhancing the sustainability profile of its flagship spirit, the company also aims to continue investing in sustainability programs for its coffee liqueur brand Kahlua. 

The investment is being implemented under the ‘Coffee for Good’ program which targets to have 90% of its coffee farmers using methods that conserve the environment and biodiversity of the area by 2022. 

Schreil reiterated that “sustainability is a key focus across Pernod Ricard, and we fully support the group’s robust 2030 roadmap Good Times from a Good Place”.   

She hinted that there could be further investments into sustainability initiatives for the brands in future. 

Major Design and Flavour Shake-Up 

Absolut vodka has also introduced a new bottle design and a remixed flavored range in an effort to align with current market trends.  

The new packaging is made with over 50% recycled clear glass and has a stripped-back design offering clearer navigation and improved shelf standout 

For increased transparency, product information has been added to the front of the bottle including an ingredients list, ABV-level, and where it has been produced.  

The name of the brand’s founder, Lars Olsson Smith, has been added to the medallion on the front of the bottle. 

 The font of the script has also been modernised, making it easier to read and the Absolut logo is bigger. 

The Absolut flavoured range has also received a refresh to optimise the brand’s flavours to deliver a taste that’s more authentic to the fruit.  

All of Absolut’s fruity and spicy flavours (Raspberri, Vanilia, Passionfruit, Watermelon, Mango and Pear) will benefit from a slightly lower ABV of 38% to deliver a sweeter flavour. 

Citrus flavours (Citron, Lime and Mandarin), on the other hand, remain at 40% ABV to deliver a fresher taste profile.  

The new look Absolut range is rolling out now, with Blue, Raspberri, Lime, Citron and Madarin the first to hit shelves. 

Vanilia and Watermelon flavours will be available from March, Passionfruit will be available from May, and Mango and Pear are set to be introduced in Autumn. 

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