US — ADM, a global leader in human and animal nutrition,  has bolstered its grain handling capabilities in Pakistani through a new partnership with Toronto, Canada-based IMGS Group.

The two companies have agreed to a joint venture, that will handle grains, oilseeds, feedstuffs and pulses in Pakistan. The joint venture also will sell goods in Pakistan, according to a statement from ADM.

The partnership with IMGS is strategic as the company is a cargo handling and port operations company that owns and operates cargo terminals in Asia, Africa and North America and has a long history of discharging cargo in Pakistan.

“The launch of the new joint venture in Pakistan is an exciting opportunity to combine resources and experience in order to move large volumes of food and agricultural products from areas of production to areas of demand,” said Jerome Daven, finance director for global trade at ADM.

“The partnership strengthens our ability to keep product flowing in dynamic, challenging global conditions.”

ADM said the new joint venture is part of its continued commitment to ensuring all people have access to the fundamental nutrition they need.

“Pakistan is currently severely affected by a devastating flood, threatening people’s lives and damaging infrastructure, crops and livestock,” Daven said.

“Through ADM Cares, ADM’s philanthropic arm, we committed US$200,000 to support the country in their efforts to rebuild affected areas.”

New sweetening feed products for piglets

Meanwhile, two new sweetening feed products developed by ADM’s global feed additives business, Pancosma for piglets have come to market under ADM’s SUCRAM range.

SUCRAM M’I Sweet and SUCRAM Specifeek are sweeteners designed to improve the palatability of feed for young animals – particularly weanling pigs.

These new additions to ADM’s SUCRAM range were specifically developed to activate the swine sweet taste receptors, with a focus on piglets at weaning.

In-feed sweeteners have demonstrated to be an effective attractant to encourage feed intake at the weaning stage, as piglets make the transition from liquid to solid feed.

Both SUCRAM M’I Sweet and Specifeek are saccharin-free and, as part of the product development process, were tested in an in-vitro swine sweet taste receptor model.

After years of research, these products also may have functional benefits in encouraging feed intake during a stressful period, optimizing nutrient absorption and supporting gut health and maturation to promote ongoing growth and performance in pigs.

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