USA – Archer Daniels Midland Co., Cargill, Tate & Lyle and Ingredion are the founding members of the Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) that aims to promote sustainable consumer products and packaging.

Launched on Jan 29 at the California Bioresources Economy Summit in Berkeley, the council aims to enhance use of plant-based materials in the production, processing and packaging of food.

Apart from promoting the adoption and use of products derived from renewable biomass, the council has a responsibility to advocate for private sector programs and government policies that favor use of renewable materials.

These include policies to reduce carbon emissions, improve water quality and soil health, and curtail solid waste destined for landfills.

Food manufacturers and suppliers are doubling their effort in addressing the challenges brought by the activities of the food industry on the environment.

According to a poll conducted by the council, there is an increasing need for bioplastics.

It found out that 64% of millennials were willing to use plastic alternatives, while 60% were surprised by the lack of alternative options to plastic.

48% of millennials said they feel most guilty about their own plastic use, which compared to other resources such as paper (33%), water (31%) or how much they drive (31%).

“Businesses and consumers alike recognize the need to solve the problem of plastic pollution that harms our environment,” said John Bode, president and chief executive officer of the Washington, D.C., U.S.-based Corn Refiners Association.

“The PBPC will seek plant-based solutions, bringing together government, non-profit and corporate entities to address environmental challenges while driving economic opportunity.”

PBPC has also launched a database featuring more than 480 plant-based and bio-based products already on the market.

Other members of the council include Georgia-Pacific, WestRock-Multi Packaging Solutions, Stone Straw, Loliware, Visolis Biotechnology, Newtrient, Future iQ, Emerald Brand, Hemp Road Trip, the Hemp Industries Association and TreeFree Hemp.