USA – ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), has opened a new Animal Nutrition Technology Center in Decatur, Illinois, US to expand its research and development capabilities.

The facility will be offering capabilities to enhance customer collaboration and develop fully-tailored nutrition solutions.

The company noted that the technology center is designed to serve the needs of the broad animal nutrition market, with a focus on ingredient and nutritional solutions development for pet foods, pet treats and aquaculture feeds.

It features state-of-the-art technology, including a pilot extrusion facility, fully equipped to run multiple small batches in a single day to assess ingredient functionality in extrusion for use in pet foods/treats and aquaculture feeds.

The facility also has a pet food culinary kitchen, providing an interactive experience for customers to aid in product development and product performance evaluations.

In addition, the center also features a feed evaluation laboratory with specialized screening, including in vitro and simulated digestion analyses as well as an enzyme analysis laboratory to support the development of novel feed enzymes.

“The Animal Nutrition Technology Center was built as a result of ADM’s commitment to research and growth in the animal nutrition space,” said Ryan Lane, president, ADM Animal Nutrition, North America.

“We recognize collaboration is the cornerstone of successful customer relationships and developed the center with this in mind.

“We’re proud to showcase our expertise and further enhance our capabilities with this facility serving as a global hub for research and development.”

 “Over the past five years, ADM has significantly expanded its animal nutrition capabilities to meet increased customer demands for comprehensive research and accelerated speed-to-market,” Lane said.

“This facility allows us to work with customers to create solutions that meet the changing needs of consumers, all under one roof.”

Meanwhile, the company has also welcomed the approval of US-Japan trade agreement in a deal that will allow US agricultural goods to be exported to Japan on broadly the same terms as the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Under the agreement, Japan has committed to provide substantial market to US agricultural and food products by eliminating tariffs, enacting meaningful tariff reductions, or allowing a specific quantity of imports at a low or zero duty.

Commenting on the deal, which is expected to go into effect starting January 2020, ADM said in a statement:

“ADM applauds Japan’s approval of a U.S.-Japan trade deal, and we congratulate our U.S. negotiators for their success in achieving meaningful positive outcomes for American agriculture through this agreement.

“When implemented, this agreement will lead to improved market access for American agricultural products in Japan and provide new and important opportunities for American farmers, ranchers and rural communities.”