ADM opens new automated animal nutrition facility in Vietnam

VIETNAM – Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has opened its fifth livestock feed plant Vietnam located in Hoa Mac, Ha Nam province to enable the company meet the growing customer needs for livestock feed.

The new facility sits on 4.6 hectares of land and features production area, three warehouses for storing raw materials and finished goods, offices, and a loadout bay with ample space for customer trucks.

The new facility is strategically located near northern Vietnam’s key farming region and close to port facilities.

The plant will produce feed mainly for swine, as well as for poultry and rabbits. It offers industry-leading technology including a modern pneumatic transfer of raw materials to avoid cross-contamination and handling of bags.

In addition, the autonomous facility has also been designed to include a biomass boiler to provide a renewable energy source, an automated micro-dosing system to ensure accurate nutrient content in products and an automatic bagging line and palletizing robot to maintain the highest quality and traceability standards.

“We are very proud of our new facility in Hoa Mac, which will allow us to better serve our customers as we continue to improve our operations,” said Matthieu Garnier, ADM’s operations vice president for Animal Nutrition.

“The livestock market in Asia is growing rapidly, particularly in Vietnam, where the export of livestock and aquaculture products provides plenty of opportunities,” ADM Animal Nutrition President Pierre Duprat added.

“With 25 years of experience in the country, our latest animal feed plant in Hoa Mac allows us to further strengthen our industrial and commercial coverage in the key Vietnamese feed market and continue to grow.”

The new facility joins a growing list of investments by ADM. Over the past five years, ADM has significantly expanded its animal nutrition capabilities with a series of expansions and investments.

The company has acquired Protexin, Neovia – a leader in value-added products and solutions for both production and companion animals worldwide- as well as pet treat manufacturer Crosswind Industries.

ADM has also invested in building and renovating three specialty animal nutrition plants in China, and four in the US and expanding pet food ingredient manufacturing capabilities in North America.

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