ADM to expand production of soy protein concentrate in Netherlands

NETHERLANDS – ADM is expanding the production of soy protein concentrate at its facility in Europoort, Netherlands, to enable the company meet the significant growing demand for plant-based proteins in the European market.

The food processor and ingredient supplier revealed that the Europoort facility recently started producing non-GMO soy protein concentrate, which is available as a powder and will be suitable for all types of food applications.

This production expansion adds to ADM’s vast plant-based protein ingredient portfolio, which the company said that combined with its extensive expertise in systems, flavors and application development, helps give customers an edge in creating the latest food and beverage product innovations.

“We know that the one thing consumers aren’t willing to compromise on is taste, and as the only company that can provide both plant-based protein ingredients and flavor systems and solutions, ADM is a one-stop solution to help customers meet the growing demand in this market,” Perujo said.

“With more consumers adopting a Flexitarian diet, the need for plant-based solutions continues to grow in Europe,” says George Perujo, Product Management EMEAI, ADM Human Nutrition.

“And besides being conscious about sourcing, Europeans are more likely to pay attention to the non-GMO status of their ingredients, so European origination and production was an important factor when we were considering options for this expansion.

“The Europoort facility has long-standing technological capabilities as well as a proven track record in the production of soy protein concentrate, so it was the ideal choice for this expansion.”

In a recent report highlighting key trends that will drive innovation and growth in the plant-based protein space in 2020 and beyond ADM projected accelerated plant-based product launches and enhanced protein options in the coming months.

According to the ‘OutsideVoice Protein Perception & Awareness Study’ ADM expects that, in 2020, consumers will be looking for more than just plant-based proteins as they seek more nutritional benefits on plant-based branded packages.

While growth has been prevalent in the plant-based protein space, there is significant opportunity for companies to leverage in order to drive even wider consumer interest in the year ahead, ADM opines.

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