USA – ADM Animal Nutrition, a leading manufacturing, nutrition and marketing business, has launched a new quality protein, PROPLEXT to be used in aquaculture and swine diets.

PROPLEX-T is made of dried fermentation biomass and provides nutritional benefits in aquaculture and swine nutrition that is, high level of amino acids and a good source of digestible protein.

According to the company, this can be used as an alternative to other protein sources such as fish meal for fish and shrimp, and swine nursery diets during the starter phase.

ADM Animal nutrition segment produces a range of products mainly targeting the animal nutrition market.

The new protein PROPLEX-T adds to a range of high quality products in amino acids, feed products, supplements, premixes, custom ingredient blends and specialty feed ingredients.

It also stands as a valuable resource in expanding ADM’s wide ingredient sourcing network, manufacturing skills and blending capabilities.

According to Dr. John Bowzer, aquaculture research scientist for ADM, the new protein is a cost-effective protein source that can be used in place of expensive or variable protein products.

With this, ADM would be in a position to deliver on its animal health and nutrition goals as well as helping customers meet nutritional needs and maintain healthy animals.

“Additionally, PROPLEX T provides feed manufacturers with added flexibility in formulations due to its high protein content and favorable amino acid profile,” said Dr. John Bowzer.

It was only recent when ADM Animal Nutrition added five new individuals to its team of experts, tasked to developing ingredients and products for the aquaculture industry, as well as leading ADM’s efforts to expand its research capabilities through development of an aquaculture wet lab.

ADM is also providing expertise in fish and shrimp nutrition and physiology in research and swine nutrition.

In a partnership with Austria-based Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, the division launched new specialty feed additive Anco AC, a new specialty feed additive for Canadian swine, poultry and dairy producers.

All these efforts are focused towards best nutrition solutions for efficient animal production.