Food Business Africa magazine provides unrivaled opportunity for advertisers to reach the wider sub-Saharan Africa food, beverage, milling, retail and foodservice industry.

Join some of the World’s most important suppliers who have relied on Food Business Africa magazine to introduce their brands to their potential customers in Africa; or those that use the magazine to reinforce their brands in the eyes of buyers who have a rising list of suppliers to choose from.

The magazine is the Africa’s best-read industry publication, and is well respected by its readers for its quality print, editorial content, technical articles and industry reports.

Currently, the print version of the magazine is distributed into 18 African countries – providing one platform to reach into the rest of Africa. 

The magazine is also available online on this website for readers beyond Africa, with readers from Asia, Europe and the Americas using it as a source of information to guide their investment decisions and technical and commercial capabilities.


The magazine is perfect for suppliers that are seeking to grow their footprint into sub-Saharan Africa’s food, beverage, milling, retail and foodservice manufacturing sectors.

Past advertisers in the magazine include the following types of industry solutions:

  • milling and processing equipment
  • ingredients and chemicals
  • food safety and laboratory equipment and solutions
  • packaging equipment and supplies
  • engineering and automation solutions and services
  • supply chain, warehousing and post-harvest solutions
  • consultancy and industry services
  • financial services and solutions

Several leading regional, African and international companies have used the magazine to reach out to their target audience in Africa, with impressive results to their brand awareness and adoption of their products and services.  


  • Reach the food, beverage and milling industry in Africa and beyond using one publication
  • The first and only technical magazine targeting the whole food, beverage, milling, retail and foodservice industry in sub Sahara Africa
  • The first magazine of its kind in the region available in a digital format, providing our advertisers with a worldwide audience
  • The magazine is read by key decision makers with direct responsibilities for purchase of equipment, ingredients, chemicals, packaging and other services. Advertizing with us opens the door to these decision makers, making advertisers’ brands to stand out in an increasingly crowded market place

For more information about how we can partner on print advertising, please send us your request to:

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