MEXICO – Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF), the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world, has announced a US$33.5 million investment to facilitate repairs and reopening of its operating units in Acapulco, Mexico, following destruction by hurricane Otis. 

According to the Coca-Cola bottler, the funding will be used to rehabilitate the production plant and distribution centers, offer humanitarian aid, and support reactivation of small businesses. 

“We will invest in the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of our facilities, while continuing to support our collaborators and our communities that suffered losses due to Hurricane Otis,” said Ian Craig, CEO KOF. 

According to Roberto Campa, Femsa’s director of corporate affairs, the bottler remains committed to its corporate social responsibility, emphasizing that the current priority for the company is to generate adequate social, environmental, and economic conditions in the community. 

Coca-Cola Femsa detailed that since the beginning of the emergency, the company moved two water treatment trucks to Acapulco, with which it has donated more than 204,000 liters of water. 

The bottler also said it has also delivered 275,000 bottles of water and other beverages and is in the process of distributing another 46,000. 

Campa said, “The magnitude of Otis has required a coordinated work between business, government and society. We undertook, from the first hours after the catastrophe, actions to contribute to the attention and recovery of the port.” 

Coca-Cola FEMSA SAB de CV (Coca-Cola FEMSA) produces, distributes, and markets the Coca-Cola trademark beverages in Latin America, although its largest and most profitable market is in Mexico. 

The company’s product portfolio includes colas, flavoured sparkling and still beverages including sports drinks, energy drinks, juice, packaged water and iced/rtd tea drinks. 

Earlier this year, the bottler announced its inclusion in the 2023 edition of S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook due what it said, ‘strong performance on S$P Global corporate sustainability assessment. 

The bottler that is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange also recently experienced a cybersecurity incident in which perpetrators extracted “certain company data” and published it. 

“It is possible that additional information accessed by the party responsible for the incident will be published,” the company said. Coca-Cola FEMSA.