Agricultural agency to outlaw importation of agricultural equipment

NIGERIA – The National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation (NCAM) has said its plan to outlaw the importation of some agricultural equipment into the country are almost done, New Telegraph has reported.

NCAM said the agency is looking to encourage local production of such farming tools since most of the imported implements have proved difficult to use especially for rural farmers.

“We have discovered that farming methods and some implements are becoming very difficult for farmers in the rural communities, part of our mandate is to discover and develop small scale equipment to reduce the burden of processing to the teaming farming population across the country looking at the areas of comparative advantage.

“The machines manufactured and fabricated by the centre are designed to withstand environmental hardship and could be maintained locally without any difficulty,” said Jackson Babajide, Director General NCAM.

The firm donated some modern farming implements to agricultural cooperative societies in a bid to encourage rural farming activities and large scale farming across the state.

He highlighted the commitment by the government liaise and persuade farmers and other cooperative societies on the need to urgently adopt mechanised method of farming for rapid agricultural development in the state.

Mechanizing agriculture

The federal government has embarked on an agricultural mechanized programme for improved food production through a collaboration with banking industry and investors.

The agricultural programme was executed to encourage diversification in the national economy which mostly relies on oil, enhance employment opportunities and alleviate poverty.

To further enhance the much expected, improved mechanized agricultural production in the country, the government has gone a step ahead to enhance viable joint cooperation to adequately subsidize such farm inputs.

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