SWEDEN – Specialty ingredients provider, AAK has developed a new range of flaked fats to help pizza manufacturers enhance taste and create high quality crust and texture in their products.

The new range also offers easy handling during the production process, providing an ideal and simple way to improve the texture and mouthfeel of crusts in both thin and deep-pan pizzas.

According to the company, the flaked fats are not only suitable for use in pizzas, but also in pies, cookies, steamed puddings and American biscuits, also improving visual appeal as the fats create air pockets in pizzas and a more open dough structure.

“Today’s consumers want pizzas with artisan quality, taste and texture. Our expertise in vegetable oils and fats ensure our flaked fats give the premium pizza experience consumers are looking for,” said Rasa Moorthamer, business development director at AAK.

“This versatile solution allows for the creation of a tasty product that can make production simpler, while opening the door to unique sensory experiences, whether the pizza is sold frozen, chilled, fresh, or as a dry-mix.”

She said that by using the flaked fats, it is possible to either eliminate or reduce usage of dough relaxers such as L-cysteine, deactivated yeast, garlic powder, etc., that are commonly used to reduce shrinkage of the dough.

With AAK flaked fats, food producers can achieve optimum crispiness in thin-crust pizzas and an indulgent, moist crust in deep-pan recipes.

AAK’s flaked fats are claimed to make it easy to achieve the ideal dough consistency.

They can also help maintain the shape of the dough on the production line and reduce shrinkage after baking.

If using flavored flakes, the taste is encapsulated in the flake until the product is baked and the fat starts to melt.

AAK’s wide portfolio of flaked fats include Akoflake, Cisao and Cresta, each with specific characteristics to help customers create the optimal pizza.

Early this month, AAK said it will invest US$32 million at its production facility in Zhangjiagang, China.

The investment aims to increase capacity and support volume growth with a focus on Special Nutrition and Bakery segments.