TURKEY – Alapala, one of the leading brands in flour milling equipment and mill projects has received the R&D Center Certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

According to a World Grain report, Alapala will be able to expand its investments on innovative solutions for the agriculture and food industry with a focus on the development of new milling machinery.

This will in return play a critical role in boosting the Turkish economy through machinery exports.

The certificate reinforces Alapala’s R&D in high performance machinery featuring minimized maintenance needs and minimum energy consumption.

“Our goal as a company is to introduce innovative ideas for our customers,” said Alapala in a statement.

“For this reason, we emphasize great importance to R&D activities and investments in this field.

We allocate an average of 2% of our annual turnover to R&D activities. We carry out R&D activities on a 250 square meter area and 19 people work in the center.

“Currently, we continue our works for our product range and new projects.

In this period of industry and robotic technologies progressing very rapidly in the world, we are trying to do our best so that our company and our country does not fall behind in these areas.

We will focus more on our efforts in this area with the incentives to be provided through this certificate awarded by the Ministry.”

The company which is also looking to create smart factories said it has completed one KOSGEB and one TÜBİTAK Industrial R&D projects, which are part of the ongoing US$551,166.63 (3 million Turkish Lira) R&D facility project.

“Our project application to the Ministry of Economy is under evaluation.

We have also participated in the INOSUIT program to build the SYSTEMSEL and corporate infrastructure of innovation as part of the University-Industry cooperation.

This and such initiatives and investments will put Alapala and Turkey forward in terms of industry in the world,” noted Alapala.