USA – FRE, one of the leading alcohol-removed wine brand, has entered the cans market with the launch of new single-serving alcohol-removed wines; Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Brut.

The new offerings aim to give existing customers more flexibility and attract growing numbers of alcohol-abstaining and sober-curious consumers.

Brie Wohld, vice president marketing for FRE wines says: “As leaders in the alcohol-removed wine category since 1992, we keep a close eye on the market and where it’s going.

“There’s no doubt that demand is growing. Younger consumers appear to be driving this shift as millennials drink less alcohol than Gen X, and Gen Z drinks less alcohol than millennials. We believe that the alcohol-removed beverage category will continue to grow.”

Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Brut cans will be available in 250 mL four-packs for US$11 SRP.

The single serve wines will join the brand’s existing portfolio that comprises 80 percent of the alcohol-removed wine segment with 750 mL Sparkling Brut, Moscato, White Zinfandel, Rosé, Chardonnay, Merlot, Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon.

While the alcohol-free category is one of the fastest-growing segments in the beverage industry, F RE claims that it is equipped to meet the market need with a true-to-wine experience.

The global alcoholic beverage industry landscape has lately gained immense momentum on the account of changing consumers lifestyles and burgeoning awareness regarding the health impacts of consuming liquor among other factors.

This has pushed for a transition in beverage consumption pattern with a notable growing inclination towards beverages with low liquor content.

The uptick in health awareness within consumers is rapidly unlocking a previously dormant category in the alcoholic beverage market, the no- and low-alcohol category generally termed to as alcohol free.

Amongst the wide range of alcoholic beverage present in the market, the trend has gained roots in the beer category.