USA – American organic ice cream maker, Alden’s Organic is introducing a new range of organic dairy-free flavors and dairy-free sammies.

Aldens has now expanded its portfolio with the launch of seven new 14oz. dairy-free flavors and two new dairy-free Sammies which the company says are crafted as creamy and melt-in-your-mouth products.

The seven new dairy-free flavors will retail at between US$5.49-US$5.99 while its two new dairy-free Sammies, retailing at US$4.99-$5.49, will be available in Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and National Co+Op Grocers starting March 2020.

The range will include;

  • Dairy Free Caramel Almond Crunch – Caramel frozen dessert with sweet organic caramel swirl, chocolate flakes and crunchy almonds
  • Dairy Free Muddy Brownie – Rich chocolate frozen dessert packed with decadent brownie pieces
  • Dairy Free Vanilla Bean – Creamy vanilla frozen dessert with flecks of organic vanilla bean
  • Dairy Free Double Strawberry – Strawberry frozen dessert with a swirl of strawberry sorbet and chunks of organic strawberry
  • Dairy Free Freckled Mint Chip – Mint frozen dessert freckled with Alden’s signature chocolate chips
  • Dairy Free Peanut Butter Chip – Dreamy peanut butter frozen dessert swirled with organic peanut butter and chocolate chips
  • Dairy Free Cookie Crumble – Cookie frozen dessert blended with chocolate crème cookie crumbles
  • Dairy Free Vanilla Bean Round Sammie – Bold vanilla bean frozen dessert scooped between two chocolate cookie wafers
  • Dairy Free Caramel Drizzle Round Sammie – Caramel frozen dessert swirled with organic caramel ribbons, sandwiched between two vanilla wafers.

“Consumers are craving a dairy-free option that actually delivers an exceptional flavor filled experience,” says Joelle Simmons, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Alden’s Organic.

“We saw an opportunity and worked through 29 variations to develop a more progressive, organic dairy-free recipe that upholds the high standards of our famous ice cream.

“We know our consumers rely on us for our commitment to organic and providing a delicious treat that will spark a good time.

“With the new dairy-free line, we’ve created even more options that deliver on those promises to serve both new and existing consumers.”

According to the company, the unique recipe is a blend of brown rice, oat flour, coconut oil and pea protein that takes on the flavor profile of the organic ingredients inside.