GERMANY- Aldi Germany has announced plans to expand its product line portfolio by launching 60 new organic products including of dried fruits, yogurts, breakfast cereals and milk.

The expanded range will give the customers a larger basket of organic goods to choose from at the same time making shopping an easier and a wholesome experience.

The supermarket said that they were increasing the number of organic products on sale from 240 to about 310 at Aldi Sud while at Aldi Nord, 350 products of GutBio organic range will be increased by the end of 2018.

However, the range of products will be available based on the season and the region given the varying distribution chains at different times of the year.

Aldi has increased its product range to add to already existing portfolio of organic products such as milk, meat, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

“We put a lot of emphasis on the sustainable and trustworthy production of our goods, and our controls pay particular attention to their origin and quality.

“With the expansion of our organic range, we make our contribution to environmental and animal welfare, because sustainability and careful use of resources are very important for Aldi,” said a Spokesperson from Aldi Sud.

Aldi is tapping into the growing consumer demand for organic food products.

As this demand rises, the retail has realized growth in plant-based foods with low sales for meat products, refrigerated and frozen range of products.

Innovations in vegan foods including meat substitutes such as Beyond Burger have seen growth given an increasing number of consumers who partially or totally ditching the animal protein to live healthier lifestyles.

Through its ‘Going vegan’ platform, customers are able to shop easily by choosing a diet that is free from meat and anything that has been derived from an animal, such as honey, eggs and milk.

Aldi is positioning itself as a global source of plant-based and organic products to take full advantage of providing healthier and sustainable products to the world’s population.

While a greater percentage of the world’s consumers are shifting to predominantly plant sourced products, some are reducing on the intake of animal-sourced products.