ISRAEL –   Israeli-based cultivated meat company, Aleph Farms has submitted an application for regulatory approval to the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FVSO) aiming to sell its cuts in Switzerland.

The submission is part of its collaboration with Switzerland’s largest supermarket and meat manufacturer Migros, which first invested in the company in 2019 and which has inked deals with other cultivated meat companies such as the SuperMeat.

In collaboration with Migros, Aleph Farms revealed it has conducted extensive consumer research in Switzerland and navigated the intricacies of the country’s regulatory landscape for novel foods.

“As part of our agreement, we will continue to develop a go-to-market strategy that involves distribution and commercialization of Aleph Cuts through fine dining food service channels in Switzerland,” it said.

“The regulatory team is working with regulatory authorities in numerous markets around the world, including Switzerland, in order to ensure compliance with respective safety requirements.”

Seth Roberts, Policy Manager at the Good Food Institute Europe, which is pushing for the development of alternative protein sources including lab-grown meat, noted that it will be a great milestone to see Switzerland leading the way for cultivated meat in Europe.

“Once approved by regulators, Swiss consumers will be able to enjoy their favourite beef dishes, made in a way that could slash climate emissions and create space for more sustainable farming,” Seth said.

Cultivated meat represents a huge opportunity for Switzerland to enhance its food security and create future-proof jobs, as it positions itself as a hub for food innovation.

According to research conducted jointly by Aleph Farms and Migros, 74% of Swiss consumers are open to trying cultivated meat and are motivated to try it chiefly by curiosity and a desire to align with principles like sustainability and animal welfare.

Later this year, it plans to launch Aleph Cuts in Singapore and Israel in limited quantities and offer tasting experiences curated with select partners, pending regulatory approvals.

Previously, Aleph Farms, in partnership with Enzymit biotech company, launched a new processing aid for animal-free serum in the form of insulin-like proteins to support cell growth in cultivated meat processing.

According to Aleph Farms, developing more suitable processing aids for the production of cultivated meat is imperative for driving economies of scale and taking cultivated meat mainstream.

According to research, the growing demand for proteins, along with a fast-growing population, has resulted in an increasing need for technological developments to cater to the global protein demand in the upcoming decade.

The growing population, coupled with increased meat demand, has driven changes in the technological landscape to reduce the shortage of meat supply globally.

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