UK —Alfa Laval has added two entry-level valves to its Unique Mixproof portfolio in order to make double-seat technology more accessible to UK producers.

 These valves, known as Unique Mixproof Process and Unique Mixproof CIP, are intended to reduce the cost of double-seat technology for producers.

Double-seat valves, which are distinguished by having two independent plugs and seals to avoid cross-contamination, generate a leakage chamber at atmospheric pressure under all operating conditions.

Because of their perfectly balanced design, the new valves, Unique Mixproof Process and Unique Mixproof CIP, not only improve product safety by assuring continuous media separation but also allow for risk-free handling at high pressures.

Businesses can reap the sustainability and efficiency benefits of Alfa Laval’s valve portfolio at a lower entry price by adopting these new features into process lines.

Alfa Laval underlines that, when integrated with its ThinkTop valve control unit, these valves can minimize water and CIP media usage by up to 90%, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership and a lower environmental impact.

Leonardo Morabito, Alfa Laval’s business unit manager HFH for the UK and Ireland, stressed the company’s stance that double-seat technology should benefit all manufacturers.

Integrating these valves into process lines not only ensures product safety but also improves on-site efficiency through reduced water and cleaning media usage, producing a win-win situation for manufacturers and the environment.

The Unique Mixproof Process, available in a variety of sizes, is a tiny version of prior versions that can be adjusted to meet the needs of diverse process lines.

The Unique Mixproof CIP, on the other hand, is specifically intended for cleaning-in-place (CIP) applications.

Both systems prioritize service simplicity in order to maximize uptime and reduce frequent maintenance.

These valves extend service periods by using a maintenance-free actuator and established seal technology.

Seals may be changed in minutes using ordinary servicing tools when they need to be replaced.

Morabito emphasizes the inclusiveness of these new Unique Mixproof choices, which make double-seat technology available to enterprises of all sizes in the industry.

Investing in double-seat technology not only ensures product safety but also improves overall process line efficiency.

Alfa Laval is excited to introduce these new entry-level choices to the market, with the goal of benefiting all businesses, regardless of size or industry position.