ALGERIA – Algeria’s imports of cereals (wheat, barley and maize) reached $3.54 billion in 2014 against $3.16 billion in 2013, an increase of about 12 %, Algerian Customs told APS.

The quantities of imported cereals recorded an upward trend to reach nearly 22.4% with 12.3 million tonnes of the cereals purchased in 2014, against 10.04 million tonnes a year earlier, according to the Algerian Customs’ National Centre of Data Processing and Statistics (CNIS).

The imports of wheat (soft, durum and seed) reached $2.37 billion against $2.12 billion in the same period of reference, up 11.7% in value, said the source.

The quantities also increased by 17.5 % totalling 7.41 million tonnes in 2014 against 6.31 million tonnes in 2013.

Imports of durum wheat reached $784.01 million for a quantity of 1.978 million tonnes in 2014 against $434.03 million (1.09 million tonnes) a year earlier.

The imports of soft wheat totalled about $1.58 billion for a quantity of 5.438 million tonnes against $1.68 billion for 5.213 million tonnes in 2013, a decrease of 5.8% in value, said the Algerian Customs. – Algerie Presse Service

January 26, 2015;