UK – Alive Biome, a UK based start-up, has launched a new probiotic drink designed to deliver live bacteria, vitamins, and botanicals.

The company, which has been co-founded by Brian Crowther, who’s had experience in the sports and nutrition sector, has unveiled two drinks featuring citrus and raspberry flavours, both containing high volumes of probiotics in the form of live bacteria and essential vitamins, created to aid good gut health.

“At Alive Biome our total focus is helping everyone to have a healthier and happier life,” explains co-founder Brian Crowther.

“Every day we read about the increasing number of cancer cases, the prevalence of mental health issues and the multitude of other conditions and diseases rampant, but we can help ourselves to significantly reduce our risk of falling prey to any of these.”

The beverages are packaged in 375ml water bottles, specifically designed for the grab and go market, and include an innovative cap, which stores the blend of probiotics, vitamins and botanicals in an air-tight container, critical to ensure the probiotics are still alive at the point of consumption.

When the user is ready to release the ingredients into the water, the cap has a simple twist mechanism, which breaks the seal.

A consumer is advised to shake the bottle for 20 seconds to ensure the probiotics are thoroughly mixed with the water, before drinking.

“There is now, more than ever before, truly compelling evidence to show that if we just look after our gut health by taking the right combinations of probiotics and vitamins, we can make a real difference to our overall wellbeing.

It’s this passion for preventative health for empowering each and every person which drives the team here week in, week out.”