FRANCE – French natural ingredient supplier Alland & Robert has achieved a milestone in the acacia gum industry by obtaining the Fair for Life (FFL) certification for its acacia gum products.

The FFL certification, renowned for promoting fair trade practices, ensures that products bearing its label are sourced from environmentally friendly processes conducted by fairly compensated farmers within a transparent and traceable supply chain.

According to the company, the  certification, a first of its kind in the arabica gum sector, covers both seyal and Senegal varieties of acacia gum used in its products.

Charles Alland, CEO of Alland & Robert, expressed his belief that the certification will align with consumer demands for ethical, traceable, and transparent products while further strengthening the company’s relationships with its suppliers in the African Sahel region.

“To us, this is the recognition of our long-term efforts toward a gum acacia supply chain that is beneficial to all parties involved. Fair trade promotes healthy and beneficial trade for people and the earth,” Violaine Fauvarque, sustainability manager at Alland & Robert said.

The FFL certification, an international standard for fair trade and responsible supply chains, guarantees adherence to strict economic, social, and environmental standards set by the Ecocert group.

It contributes to the preservation and support of the local social fabric, particularly in rural areas, and offers producers protection during crises by ensuring a fair purchase price above market rates and minimum purchase commitments spanning at least three years.

Additionally, the FFL label upholds safe working conditions, environmentally friendly agricultural practices, and reinforces producer autonomy, with these principles extending across the entire supply chain. 

Recent research revealed that medium- and high-income organic food consumers display a preference for local, natural, and fair-trade, making the certification benefitial to producers, traders, manufacturers, and brand holders alike.

Notably, acacia gum, also known as gum Arabic or E414, serves as a versatile natural additive utilized in various sectors, including flavors, beverages, confectionery, dairy, bakery, dietary products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Despite its significance, the global supply of acacia gum faced potential disruptions earlier this year due to hostilities between rival factions within the military government of Sudan, the world’s largest acacia gum supplier.

The certification follows Alland & Robert’s launch of a vegan texture and gelling agent crafted from a blend of acacia gum and other hydrocolloids.

The innovation catered to gummies, jelly sweets, mousses, and marshmallows, providing a natural and plant-based solution for consumers.

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