Alpha Omega Dairy to double milk production

ZIMBABWE – Alpha Omega Dairy will in the next few months double milk production from the current 22 000 litres a day, an official said on Friday. 

Speaking on the sidelines of a tour of the dairy by women from regional liberation political parties who attended Zanu PF 6th Women’s Conference, group general manager Stanley Nhari said the firm will breed its current herd of 1 000 animals to improve daily milk production in order to satisfy market demand.

“We are expecting to double milk production in two ways; one we are breeding the current herd that we have and additionally we are going to import in calf heifers from across the borders of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Currently Alpha Omega Dairy is producing raw milk on a daily basis of around 22 000 litres from 1 000 cows which translates to an average of 22 litres per cow per day.

The dairy boasts of state-of-the-art milking machinery used in its parlour with the ability of milking 64 cows in less than 10 minutes.

“But that is not sufficient for us. We need more milk because our products are in big demand countrywide. We were contemplating exporting our products but we would like to satisfy the local market first,” Mr Nhari said.

“To show that we are determined, we are growing both the source of raw milk and also our factory,” he said. – New Ziana

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August 18, 2014;

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