INDIA – Amrut Distilleries, the pioneering force behind Indian single malt whisky, has achieved an unprecedented milestone by winning five Gold medals at the prestigious International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2024.  

The competition, held in London, UK, showcased top-tier brands from across the globe, including Scottish, Irish, and Japanese single malts. 

In its 29th edition, the ISC saw Amrut Distilleries emerge as a standout performer, setting a record for Indian distilleries by securing five Gold medals.  

This remarkable achievement places Amrut at the forefront of Indian whisky on the international stage. The total international accolades for Amrut now exceed 350, a feat unmatched by any other Indian distiller. 

Among the celebrated whiskies, Amrut Fusion shone brightly, earning a Gold medal and advancing to compete in the trophy category.  

Fusion is praised for its rich and complex profile, having garnered several accolades and is often referred to as the “Crown Jewel” of Indian single malts. This recognition underscores the exceptional quality and artistry infused in every bottle. 

Mr. Rakshit N Jagdale, Managing Director of Amrut Distilleries, expressed his pride in the distillery’s accomplishments. “These accolades highlight the distillery’s dedication to innovation and excellence in whisky production.  

Our sustained efforts over the last two decades have borne fruit, as Amrut is being cherished and applauded across the globe. It is truly remarkable to witness not one but five whiskies from our portfolio bag the top honors, a testament to the unmatched diversity in our single malts.” 

A senior leader at ISC commented on Amrut’s strong performance, stating, “Amrut Distilleries P Ltd have had a strong year in this year’s challenge, achieving five gold medals within its exclusive Indian whisky range.  

The ISC was delighted to see such a positive result in the blind tasting, as receiving a gold medal is a fantastic achievement and a testament to the quality of the spirits entered.” 

In addition to its success at the ISC, Amrut Distilleries recently unveiled two exclusive limited-edition whiskies tailored specifically for the Gurgaon market.  

The two whiskies, Amrut Bagheera (46% finish) and Amrut Portonova (48% finish) are a reflection of meticulous research and craftsmanship, offering distinctive flavors and characteristics. 

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