SOUTH AFRICA – The Amstel Lite beer can will not be replaced nor amended in the market‚ Brandhouse Beverages announced on Wednesday.

Brandhouse successfully won its appeal against an Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling earlier this year to withdraw the Amstel Lite can and shrink wrap from the market as they was too similar to South African Breweries’ (SAB’s) Castle Lite.

SAB had complained to the ASA that the silver and green that Brandhouse used for its Amstel Lite cans was “almost identical to the signature combination in the Castle Lite packaging”.

BDlive reported in February that the ASA said Castle Lite had “exclusively” used its colours as well as the word “Lite” for more than 20 years‚ and that “the use of similar elements by Amstel Lite has effectively done away with the uniqueness of these features on the Castle Lite packaging”.

Brandhouse appealed this ruling‚ and the Advertising Industry Tribunal (AIT) “upheld our appeal in respect of the Amstel Lite can‚ finding that ‘the Castle Lite can is distinctive enough for a reasonable consumer to differentiate the products’‚” said corporate relations director Michael Mabasa.

“This ruling is good news for our consumers because the current silver and green Amstel Lite can design and the use of the word ‘Lite’ will not be amended nor withdrawn from the market. The AIT’s ruling has effectively validated our designs and, as a result‚ averted any potential confusion in the minds of our consumers”‚ said Mr Mabasa.

It did not all go in Brandhouse’s favour‚ as the Advertising Industry Tribunal held that “the similarity between (the Amstel Lite and Castle Lite shrink wraps) creates the likelihood of confusion”.

But‚ “the ASA ruling simply calls for more differentiation on the plastic shrink-wrap to avoid any potential confusion”‚ said Mr Mabasa.

“We accept this ruling and will be making some design changes to the Amstel Lite shrink wrap to ensure it’s even more distinct.” – RDM News Wire

May 13, 2015;