Animal nutrition firm Wilbur-Ellis Feed rebrands as Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition

USAWilbur-Ellis Feed, LLC, a Canadian animal feed, agribusiness, and specialty chemicals company has been rebranded as Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition.

Founded in 1921, the firm is part of the Wilbur-Ellis companies with a vision to develop innovative products within rigorous safety standards and delivered with superior customer service in livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries.

The new name was part of its new dedicated initiatives in animal nutrition as outlined in its Empower2021 business strategy, which aims to bolster the firm’s position as a marketer and distributor of animal nutrients.

“Our new name helps reflect how much we truly offer in terms of products, service, advice and partnership,” said Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition President Andrew Loder.

“We want the world to understand that Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition is here to provide so much more than what feed would suggest.

What truly sets us apart is our ability to work closely with suppliers and customers in connecting the dots and find new, innovative ways to ensure animals are receiving the best nutrients needed to thrive.

This name change is fully aligned with our Empower2021 growth strategy and our vision to be the innovative leader in the marketing and distribution of animal nutrients.”

Alongside a new name, the company has launched new website with an updated look and feel, highlighting he division’s service and solutions-based approach to managing long-standing relationships with customers and partners.

According to the website, the business identifies with three key focus areas that is, livestock, aquaculture and companion animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

“Our business is rooted in the values of integrity and service,” said Wilbur-Ellis President and CEO John Buckley.

“After nearly a century of recognition as a significant force within the feed industry, our new name helps us enter the next 100 years with a fresh commitment to these values and another chance to review and enhance the excellent service and innovative thinking we aim to bring our partners and customers.

The future for Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition looks very bright.”

Last October, the company acquired the assets of Ameri-Pac Inc., a family-owned, value-added manufacturing business focused on animal health and nutrition.

Early last year, Cavallo Ventures, the venture capital arm of the company invested in Beta Hatch, a Seattle, Washington based specialized in insect production technology for animal feed.

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