USA – AQUAhydrate, a Southern California-based lifestyle beverage company has launched a bold new aluminum package as the company’s first step in a journey toward a more renewable future.

The brand, which is backed by celebrity investors including Mark Wahlberg, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Jillian Michaels revealed that the AQUAhydrate resealable 750mL aluminum bottle will be available in retail locations across the US in Spring 2020.

As a leader in high-performance alkaline water, AQUAhydrate said that the launch is part of the company’s continuous innovative efforts to helps address the growing concern of plastic packaging.

Aluminum is considered more environmentally friendly than plastic, being truly sustainable and 100% recyclable in major markets.

“We’re very proud to take a responsible step toward a sustainable future with this renewable package,” said investor board member Mark Wahlberg.

“We were challenged to improve the way we deliver our electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water to consumers without compromising the great taste,” said AQUAhydrate Brand Director, Raz Inserra.

“You simply cannot get the unique hydration benefits of AQUAhydrate from a tap. This sleek environmentally-friendly bottle is a perfect fit for AQUAhydrate and aluminum a desirable and practical solution for innovation to come.” 

Matthew Howison Acting President of AQUAhydrate said, “We listened to the feedback from our customers and our extensive social media base who overwhelmingly wanted to see an environmentally sound package without compromising our crisp clean taste or functional benefits.

“This attractive aluminum package has been enthusiastically received and we look forward to seeing it on shelves this Spring.”

In September last year, The Alkaline Water Company, a leading producer of bottled alkaline drinking water agreed to acquire AQUAhydrate.

Post acquisition, Alkaine Water said that the companies will work in tandem to launch a line of CBD-infused products, seeking to serve the booming for functional beverages market.

The company said that the deal will strengthen its ongoing investments in product development, “by targeting these new products to each brand’s unique consumer target market.”