IRELAND – Irish metal and glass products producer, Ardagh Group has added copper colour to its range of coloured tabs and shells for cans.

The eye-catching copper tone brings a beautiful finish to the can, differentiated from any existing colour solution for aluminium packaging.

With ability to give the can extra shelf appeal, the new range is suitable for a diameter 202 can end as well as a diameter 200 end on which it was developed.

The colour has been approved for both the Coloured Tab and Shell range, and customers will be able to choose this on-trend look for both parts of the beverage end together or match it with Ardagh’s other colour options.

This new product is a tailored packaging solution targeting customers interested in can-design customisations to increase the visual impact of their products.

“In the highly competitive alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage markets, a standout aesthetic feature can be critically influential for consumers at point of sale.

“It is especially effective where the design reflects the product inside.

“The elegant burnished copper colour will, therefore, be an apt choice where the product is linked with copper-still distilling or with the feel of a traditional pub or, more broadly, where the brand is positioned at the top end of the market and is seeking an exclusive appeal,” said Ardagh.

The elegant burnished copper colour is an attractive choice for beverage manufacturers looking for a standout aesthetic feature to gain a competitive advantage.

“We are proud to be introducing this unique copper tone as a new colour option for the tab, the shell or the entire beverage end,” said Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage division.

“At Ardagh, we’re constantly innovating, looking for new ways to meet customers’ branding needs, and to support new trends in design.”

Ardagh recently agreed to combine its Food & Specialty Metal Packaging business with aluminium container manufacturer, Exal Corporation in a deal worth US$2.5 billion.

This is expected to create one of the largest metal packaging companies, called Trivium which will be 43% owned by Ardagh while Exal’s parent will own the remaining stake.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Trivium will operate 57 production facilities, principally across Europe and the Americas, employing approximately 7,800 people.

Ardagh also has secured the deal to supply The Absolut Company with glass bottles for the Absolut Vodka brand.