SWEDEN – Glass and metal products manufacturer, Ardagh Group has signed a ten-year agreement to supply The Absolut Company with glass bottles for the Absolut Vodka brand.

The partnership with The Absolut Company which is owned by Pernod Ricard will focus on sustainability, innovation and future growth.

This is expected to reinforce both the companies’ commitment to limiting their environmental impacts by reducing carbon emissions in the production of the iconic glass bottles.

“It is very exciting to see the result of a cooperation between two companies located in small Swedish towns; The Absolut Company in Åhus and Ardagh Group in Limmared, reach out to more than 120 markets around the world,” said Anna Malmhake, CEO of The Absolut Company.

“The great thing about this long-term partnership is that we can act on a world leading level when it comes to innovation and sustainability, throughout the whole supply chain.”

Absolut Company identifies sustainability at the core of its operations given that its distillery in Åhus is carbon neutral with the residue product, stillage, reused for animal feed.

Ardagh Limmared which employs approximately 480 people produces more than 100 million Absolut Vodka bottles every year using more than 40% recycled glass.

The company claims that 60% of all Swedish recycled clear glass is used in the production of Absolut Vodka bottles.

With the deal, The Absolut Company expects to secure capacity for future growth while also getting access to world-class innovation and quality.

“We are delighted The Absolut Company have renewed their trust in Ardagh to consistently deliver quality, sustainable packaging,” said Bo Nilsson, Operations Director Nordic, Ardagh Group.

“Our team at Limmared has worked in partnership with Absolut for 40 years, consistently delivering premium, innovative products.

“Ardagh shares their commitment to sustainable packaging and, with this latest agreement, looks forward to cooperating on further advances for many years in the future.”

To enhance growth for its food tin business, Ardagh said it plans to combine its Food & Specialty Metal Packaging business with Exal Corporation in a deal worth US$2.5 billion.

The combined businesses will form a new entity called Trivium, which will be 43% owned by Ardagh and the rest by Exal’s parent.