DENMARK – Arla Foods, the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia has expanded its fibre yoghurt line with new plain yoghurt variant in the UK to add to its current range of four fruit-based flavours.

Arla said the launch was in accordance with UK government 2015 guidelines which advising that adults should eat 30g of a fibre in a day.

The plain yoghurt has no added sugar with 5.3g of fibre per 150g and provides consumers increase fibre intake.

It is said to be ideal for a variety of usage occasions, a low fat source of the nutrient but without the taste or texture of fibre.

Arla launched the fibre yoghurt early 2018, a tasty yogurt variant with added fibre in four flavors namely Blueberry, Raspberry, Pineapple & Passionfruit and Strawberry options.

It unveiled the new yoghurt brand to incorporate fibre diets into the consumer meals after a research revealed that 61% of the nation had monotonous diet plans.

Given that UK population only eats about 18g of fibre a day, Arla said it has created a tasty yogurt which equates to 16% of the 30g recommended by the UK Government.

“When developing Arla Fibre, we wanted to make sure it was tasty as well as helping to increase intake so it is easy for consumers to just swap their normal yogurt without having to make any drastic changes to their diet.

With the introduction of plain into the range, this offers another choice and with plain yogurt being so versatile in usage occasions, Fibre can be enjoyed at any time in a number of different ways, whether it’s breakfast or dessert,” said James Quayle, brand manager for Arla Fibre.

Arla Fibre is a new innovation from the dairy co-operative that adds value to consumers modern and changing lifestyles.

The range is high in protein and a source of calcium available in Tesco stores in 450g pots