DENMARK – Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI), a global leader in improving premium nutrition, has unveiled a new high-protein concept tailored specifically for gamers looking to enhance their nutrition and performance during marathon gaming sessions.  

Dubbed ‘PROGAMER’, this ready-to-drink solution combines energy-boosting ingredients with the innovative whey protein isolate Lacprodan SP-9213, offering a clear, refreshing taste packed with essential and branched-chain amino acids. 

Cido Silveira, Arla Foods Ingredients Marketing & Business Development Manager – South America, emphasized the shift towards a more nutrition-conscious generation of gamers.  

He noted, ” They want to maintain their energy and concentration levels over marathon sessions, but they also want the many benefits that high-protein products offer.  PROGAMER allows manufacturers to formulate unique, refreshing, clear, high-protein solutions for gamers who want more from their energy drinks.” 

According to AFI, the PROGAMER concept is not only aimed at providing gamers with sustained energy and concentration but also offers numerous health benefits associated with high-protein products. Protein is essential for muscle growth, repair, and overall body function.  

Moreover, research indicates that consuming essential amino acids can lead to improvements in attention and cognitive flexibility, crucial attributes for competitive gaming. 

Each 310ml can of PROGAMER is said to contain 15g of protein, including 3767mg of branched-chain amino acids, alongside taurine, magnesium, zinc, caffeine, and vitamins A, B3, B6, and B12.  

These ingredients are carefully selected to support essential gamer needs such as concentration and vision, all while maintaining a low-calorie profile with no added sugar, fat, or lactose, providing only 60 kilocalories per can. 

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