Arla Foods launches organic baby brand to the UK market

UK – Arla Foods, an international cooperative, is bringing its follow-on formula to UK parents with a new range of baby products, as it seeks to build on the success seen in Denmark and China by extending the Arla Baby&Me Organic brand which will include porridge and pouches.

According to FoodingredientsFirst, Baby&Me Organic brings Arla Foods’ heritage in dairy products to the formula category in the UK for the first time.

The farmer-owned co-operative which is the biggest producer of organic milk in the world has been producing follow-on formula for over 30 years, with its milk production history spanning over 130 years.

The UK launch will see a market first for Arla, as Baby&Me products are sold via online platforms through a direct to consumer (DtC) model.

According to Arla, this digital-first approach enables the company to offer consumers a convenient solution for formula milk and baby foods within the Baby&Me Organic range.

“E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sales platforms in Arla’s global business so we aim to build a platform for DTC that can be scaled across markets and other categories.

This will allow us to leverage the growth opportunities within e-commerce and take advantage of the opportunities that the online marketplace present to ultimately grow the brand and provide Arla with another channel for driving both sales and a direct connection with the consumer,” said Steve Millard, Head of E-commerce and Digital at Arla Foods UK.

It also means they can simply order at home and have the products delivered directly using a third-party selling model.

Baby&Me infant formula will be available to purchase with home delivery from Arla’s UK website or Amazon Marketplace.

“We have big ambitions for our e-commerce model globally at Arla and see the launch of the UK direct to consumer platform as another step to increasing our digital offering,” concludes Millard.

Supported by a full marketing launch that seeks to build an emotional connection with parents, the UK launch will see a market first for Arla as Baby&Me products are sold via online platforms through a direct to consumer (DtC) model.

As Arla looks to increase its presence across digital channels, Baby&Me will be available from the Arla Foods UK website and Amazon Marketplace.

The new channel approach will allow Arla to engage directly with consumers, provide a convenient shopping solution and maximize sales through e-commerce.

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