DENMARK – Arla Foods Ingredients has received a positive opinion from the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) for Lacprodan beta-lactoglobulin (BLG)-100 as a novel food (NF) in a variety of applications.

Lacprodan® BLG-100 is the newcomer alongside the established whey protein categories of concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.

Arla Foods notes that the product is in a unique new category that unlocks new opportunities within whey proteins for medical foods and beverages.

Responding to Arla’s application, EFSA was of the opinion that BLG is safe and suitable for use in isotonic and sports drinks, whey powder and milk-based drinks, and in food for special medical purposes (FSMP).

The authority has submitted its findings to the European Commission, which is expected to grant final authorization later in the year.

When this process is complete, Lacprodan® BLG-100 will become Arla Foods Ingredients’ first product approved under the new Novel Food Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.

The EFSA opinion corresponds with the suitability and risks associated with consumption of the NF under the proposed conditions of use and does not cover the efficacy of the NF concerning any claimed benefit.

Lacprodan BLG-100 contains 45% more leucine than commercially available whey protein isolates, according to Arla Food Ingredients

The ingredient is highly concentrated in quality protein (up to 23%) and 45% more of the main muscle-building amino acid leucine, compared with rival products.

Additionally, it has a high quantity of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids than other commercially available whey protein isolates (WPI).

This, coupled with its edibility, makes it an ideal solution for medical nutrition applications, where it can help minimize the loss of muscle mass and maintain mobility.

Furthermore, it has a more palatable taste profile than the competing whey products and is low in minerals, including phosphorus, making it suitable for kidney patients.

Vice President, Innovation, Niels Østergaard said: “Setting new standards for purity, Lacprodan BLG-100 has an unbeatable nutritional profile – it’s by far the most leucine-rich natural protein ingredient on the market.”

BLG is unique – in fact, it’s a whole new protein category. Its combination of purity, amazing nutritional quality, and appealing taste will create a world of new opportunities in medical and sports nutrition.”

Using its recently inaugurated Innovation Centre at Vium, Denmark, and the Open innovation partnership model, Arla Foods has been able to produce BLG commercially since late last year

Lacprodan BLG-100 is developed using patented separation technology that involves the crystallization of bovine whey under acidic and neutral conditions to produce an ingredient with a unique nutritional profile.

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