UK – Arla Foods has announced that it will invest US$68.6 in laying the foundation for the production of lactose free milk products at its Aylesbury site in the UK.

This marks Arla’s continued investment plan to deliver healthy and natural products that are highly demanded by consumers for sustainable growth and development.

In its 2020 growth ambition, the company highlights the need to venture into food trends that influence consumer choices and give them confidence that the products offered were nutritious and chemical free.

Arla says it will use experience gained from Scandinavian markets to drive the lactose free dairy production in the UK.

Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa also forms part of Arla’s market outside Europe for milk powder and UHT milk.

The company plans to invest a total of US$12.2 million with a further projected investment of US$220.7 million over the next two years.

As part of the investment, the project will add another milk drying tower to the existing production of milk powder in Pronsfeld expected to be fully operational in 2021.

The growth plan will be realized through innovations that work toward improving quality and value of production.

Arla Foods Ingredients, a subsidiary of Arla Foods, will lead the way in production of novel products by developing high quality, value added whey protein ingredients from whey for the food industry.

To make this possible, the subsidiary will receive more than US$122.6 million investment in new technology and capacity expansions.

Falkenberg dairy in Sweden will receive US$6.1 million funding from Arla Foods to increase its whey processing capacity and for value addition through Arla Foods Ingredients’ support.

The investment plan comprises 46 projects meant to spearhead business growth and another US$18.4 million targeting sustainability that will not only lead to economic development but also leave the earth an ideal place to inhabit, according to Arla.

Arla also projects to reduce its global carbon footprint by utilizing alternative sources of energy such as biomass, wind and water.