Arla Foods UK launches sustainable farming standards model for dairy farming

UK – Farmer-owned cooperative Arla Foods UK has launched ‘Arla UK 360’, a new standard in UK dairy farming which is said to have “an approach to benefit everyone”.

According to the cooperative, it said that it had created the standard amidst the “ongoing volatility in the global milk markets” and increasing consumer misunderstanding of the sector.


It also said there were “polarised levels of support” for UK dairy farmers and challenges were “mounting” following the new Agriculture Bill.

Aldi is the first UK grocery retailer to sign up to the programme and its will work with its group of British Arla farmer owners through the Aldi Dairy Farm Partnership to share knowledge through the supply chain and explore and tackle waste on farm, initially searching for ways to reuse or recycle on farm plastic through the supply chain.

“This programme is a vision of how we help drive sustainable businesses for UK dairy farmers.

It isn’t just about producing high quality dairy products. It continues the journey of our owners in driving a sustainable business, as stewards of the countryside and a critical part of UK food production,” said Graham Wilkinson, head of agriculture at Arla Foods UK and strategic lead for the Arla UK 360 programme.


“Crucial to its success is the support of retailers and foodservice businesses, as only then can the vision become a reality on farms across the UK.”

Farming Sector added that Arla UK 360 programme covers six areas including animal health and welfare, people development, environment and natural resources, community engagement and economic resilience and reinvestment.

The new approach is expected to “unify” the owners of Arla Foods UK and retailers in their continued support and development together.

Arla Foods UK believes this will enable flexibility for farmers and individual retailers to partner on solving some of the biggest challenges for farming.

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