UK – Arla Foods, the Danish dairy co-operative, has introduced a new range of high-fibre yogurts called Arla Fibre, which will be available in the UK from 29 January.

According to the company, this new range is targeted at consumers who do not usually consume enough fibre, and each yogurt contains 4.7g of fibre per 150g serving.

The Arla Fibre range is also low-fat, contains 27% of the UK recommended daily amount of calcium and is high in protein.

Arla Fibre can be enjoyed in both small (150g, available in Pineapple & Passion fruit and Raspberry) and large (450g, available in Strawberry and Blueberry) pots.

The 450g large pots of Arla Fibre will be stocked in Tesco from 29 January, and both will be released in other major UK retailers from March, with four flavours available.

Blueberry and strawberry flavours will be packaged in 450g pots, while raspberry and pineapple & passion fruit flavours will be packaged in 150g pots.

“On average, the UK population only eats about 18g of fibre a day, so when the UK Government released their 2015 guidelines advising that adults should eat 30g of a fibre, we realised just how much we are lacking from our diets,” said James Quayle, brand manager at Arla Foods.

“It’s no surprise that we’re struggling to get enough fibre, when traditional fibre rich foods can be bland and uninspiring, so here at Arla Foods, we set out to change all that and created a tasty yogurt which equates to 16% of the 30g recommended by the UK Government.”