ARGENTINA – Arla Foods Ingredients has invested in upgrading its Porteña facility in Argentina to address the growing demand for high-quality whey ingredients, in southern America.

The facility upgrade includes the installation of a new drying tower, which will increase whey permeate powder capacity and enable the production of infant-formula-grade protein.

The expansion of the Porteña facility comes in response to the rising demand for whey products, not only in Latin America but also in Asia.

The new drying tower signifies a critical component of the expansion aiming to effectively double the capacity for producing whey permeate solids and dry ingredients.

The construction of the tower is being led by RELCO, with an expected completion date in 2026.

“We’ve operated in Argentina since 2000 and are pleased with Arla Foods Ingredients S.A.’s achievements, which enable further growth,” Henrik Andersen, CEO, stated.

“This upgrade aligns with our strategy to meet the growing demand for quality whey products in Latin America and worldwide.”

Producing infant-grade proteins requires adherence to strict global standards. Historically, Arla’s Danmark Protein has been involved in serving this sector.

With the upgrades to the Porteña facility, it now meets the required standards for infant-formula-grade protein production, with improved sanitation and operational processes.

The company has also revealed its collaborations with local dairies, providing training to ensure that material quality is maintained.

 “Our success in producing infant-grade products in Latin America is due to unwavering dedication and partnerships with local dairies,” Andersen added.

“With the recent upgrades, Arla anticipates a significant increase in infant-grade protein production.”

According to the company, Arla Foods Ingredients is committed to supporting the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life, followed by continued breastfeeding along with suitable foods until age two or beyond.

The Codex Alimentarius Standard for Infant Formula and Formulas for Special Medical Purposes Intended for Infants is a set of global standards that ensure the safety and quality of infant formula and similar products.

In August, Arla partnered with Novozymes, a global biotechnology company to develop advanced protein ingredients using precision fermentation.

According to the biotech company, the co-funded partnership with Arla Foods contributed to its expertise in the creation of microbial strains for the industrial-scale production of proteins by precision fermentation.

“This partnership brings together two market leaders in our respective areas. Collaborating with Novozymes fits perfectly with our ambition to explore alternative nutrition platforms and complement our portfolio of dairy and whey solutions,” Henrik Andersen, group vice president of Arla Foods Ingredients said.